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Just spotted a unique Canary! Can you see it?

In my search for something new and affordable this year I came across this company called Canary . The first thing that caught my eye was the name.  At first, I was like, huh?  I got curious about why they chose that name. So of course the wheels started turning, my brain immediately went to articles I had read in the past about how canaries long ago were used to warn miners about toxic fumes (which thankfully is no longer a practice).  At the same time, I was wondering, why choose this tiny, amazing creature to name your brand?  But now I see why... Finding this company was a real gem (see the connection, ugh my brain, hehe).  I now see why Canary fits, in my opinion.  Come to find out, Canary  is not only a chemical-free, face, body, and oral care brand, but they really strive to maintain a very zero waste approach when it comes to all their packaging.   All their products come in recyclable packaging, including their glass jars, and subscription boxes. Who doesn't love that! We