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The Wand by PureWine... Shop Here and Save!

Start enjoying your wine again...woohooo Find Review Here:  Your Wine Is My "Wand"erland Purchase The Wand by PureWine Here and Save! Click link ↓and Save ! Use Promo Code: THS101 for 10% off your purchase! The Wand @ DrinkPureWine

Your Wine is my "Wand"erland

This story takes place at the L.A. Farmers Market when I was on a day trip with my folks. I happened to wander into this little French shop that has all sorts of wines on display. Little did I know this would indeed change my life in regards to drinking wine. I needed to find a wine that was low in sugar for my folks and a sulfite-free wine for myself (which is a needle in a haystack). I love drinking wine, but now that I'm getting older the side effects really don't outweigh the benefits for me. I am super sensitive to histamines and sulfites. I hate how I feel the next day when I drink a glass or two. The stuffy nose and headaches are a drag. While in the store I started chatting with one of the clerks about what I was looking for. He said "I'm sorry, we don't carry any low sugar or sulfite-free wines".  I was not surprised considering 99% of all the wine shops that I've come across don't stock that. Didn't hurt to ask, right? The only sulfite-

Forage Candle Co. Limited Edition Fall Collection

Limited Edition Fall Collection Candles made with wildcrafted and organic ingredients that nourish your skin to give you a healthy glow. Click here * Disclosure: Some of the links in my blog are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through the links or images and make a purchase. These are products that I have purchased myself and tried. They were not given to me for free (unless otherwise noted). In my own opinion they are products I recommend, are affordable, and give high quality marks. I am independently owned and my opinions and reviews are my own.

Why Yes, Pour Me Another...

Sherlock Lotion Candle My samples came in from Forage Candle Co . and I am so excited to share! Forage Candle Co . made a really nice impression with the packaging considering it was only samples. As I opened the package, the samples were nicely wrapped in black tissue paper with a tiny card on top with Forage's One Tree Planted statement (sorry, I bent the little card while looking at it, oops). They are on a mission to plant 100,000 trees, so when you purchase any full sized Forage product, you plant a tree! That's awesome, I love it! Some of my sample favorites were Sherlock  and Pride and Prejudice ,   which is funny, because they are two very distinctive smells. The Sherlock luxury lotion sample has a masculine scent, but it's not overpowering, it's pretty subtle. You can definitely smell pipe tobacco mixed with old leather and a tinge of spice.  Maybe this IS how Sherlock smelled when he was off solving mysteries in the streets