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Your Wine is my "Wand"erland

This story takes place at the L.A. Farmers Market when I was on a day trip with my folks. I happened to wander into this little French shop that has all sorts of wines on display. Little did I know this would indeed change my life in regards to drinking wine. I needed to find a wine that was low in sugar for my folks and a sulfite-free wine for myself (which is a needle in a haystack). I love drinking wine, but now that I'm getting older the side effects really don't outweigh the benefits for me. I am super sensitive to histamines and sulfites. I hate how I feel the next day when I drink a glass or two. The stuffy nose and headaches are a drag.

While in the store I started chatting with one of the clerks about what I was looking for. He said "I'm sorry, we don't carry any low sugar or sulfite-free wines".  I was not surprised considering 99% of all the wine shops that I've come across don't stock that. Didn't hurt to ask, right? The only sulfite-free ones I have found in the past were in the grocery stores, and they weren't very good.  I think the clerk saw my face of utter disappointment when I looked around the huge display of wines and not one was I able to buy. So the dry spell continues...or so I thought. As I started to walk away he raised his finger in the air and said "Give me a sec., I have a sample of a new product we are carrying now that you can use to prevent the sulfite after effects". All I heard in my head was, "sample in a wine shop," heck yeah!  He came out, not with a wine sample (boo), but with this little package called The Wand made by PureWine. I was like "Ok, is this some kind of hocus pocus thing?"  "What am I suppose to do with this?" He explained that all I needed to do is stick this in the wine for about 3 minutes and it would take out the sulfites. Seriously? So of course all these other questions started popping into my head... How in the world does this little wand do that? Will it alter the taste of the wine? Are you kidding me right now? I thanked the clerk for helping me out and told him I would definitely try it.

When I arrived home I had to look up this thing on online. According to their website PureWine, The Wand is the only product that removes histamines and sulfite preservatives from all varieties of wine. Really?! Have I been living under a rock all of these years? Well no, I assured myself. Apparently this company launched the The Wand in 2016, so technically I've been living under this rock for only 2 years. Anyway, after reading the instructions I opened a bottle of wine my husband had bought (he can drink with no problem, blah), poured me a glass and put the PureWine The Wand for 3 to 8 minutes in a 6 ounce glass. I took a sip and it was extraordinary, the wine did not lose its taste. It actually tasted better! There was no aftertaste, it was really smooth. I said to myself "Ok this is all good for now, but how will I feel the next day?  I honestly have to say...Voila! It worked! I had no ill-effects, such as the stuffy nose or dull headache. Incredible!
Another thing I liked about the product is that it comes in a small package, super convenient to travel with or stick in your purse. Fantastico! The Wand from PureWine really is an amazing product! Now I can finally enjoy a glass of wine without worrying about the repercussions the next day. So as the old saying goes, "absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well no more "absentee" wine here! Now I can do the happy dance, because I have found my "Wand"erland!

 If you are like me, in regards to sensitivities with sulfites or histamines, I highly recommend you try this product, you will not be disappointed. The Wand, from PureWine is a game changer!

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The Wand @ DrinkPureWine

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