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Say Cheese...for Uncle Harry!

I am sure we have all been there before. When we are asked to smile for the camera and we might be self conscious about our teeth. I know for myself, I'm always concerned about the health and appearance of my teeth. I think that comes from my mom. She was a stickler about us getting our dental check ups every 6 months. Now that I'm older I am grateful she managed our dental care the way she did. She instilled in us the fear of us losing our teeth if we didn't brush. Those were different times back then (yikes! lol).  Because of her I try to maintain my teeth the best I can and keep them looking natural, healthy, and not extremely white (that's just weird). Seriously though, you have to wonder about all the chemicals in all those products out there and how expensive it can get, especially if you are daily maintaining your teeth! It can really add up. I for one hate going to the dentist. I'm so glad up until this day I haven't come across any major issues