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Meet and Grate...

I feel it's important to note who is behind the articles you read. Hi, I am Sally, aka Sallita. I am a wife, a "fur" parent of two rescue kitties, and a conscientious shopper. I started on this journey of blogging with little experience in writing with the exception of winning a few essay contests in Elementary school. One of my essays which was about the '84 Olympics landed a picture of me in a newspaper article, but that was the extent of my "celebrity" status (totally dating myself, lol). Though I have little experience in writing, I do have big opinions when it comes to products that I use in my home. Like I mentioned earlier in my blog, I am a sufferer of a lot of allergies, airborne and contact dermatitis, aka skin irritants.  Before I start on this subject, I wanted to share a little background of my secular life. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years. I worked long hours and I started to get burned out.  I left the industry to pursue a more simple life. I ended up moving to Costa Rica in the hopes of living there permanently. When I came back to the states to visit my family I ended up meeting my wonderful husband and the rest is history.

Though I no longer live in Costa Rica, it really changed the way I live my life today. I look for the simple things in life now, it is so much more rewarding! I really try to keep things simple in my lifestyle and my home. I have become a very conscientious consumer because of my allergies. They were overpowering my everyday life. I needed to take control. I'm sure stress contributed to much of it too, but I don't blame it entirely. It really comes down to the foods and chemicals we subject ourselves to. Either through bad eating habits or harsh cleaning products.

On the subject of food, I remembered walking to the farmers market in Costa Rica in the center of the little town of Santo Domingo. I couldn't believe the produce that I saw. I remembered a man grating  carrots by hand and making carrot juice . He was doing a demonstration for his customers. What impressed me while watching him was his stained hands, they were so orange! He held them up so we can see the rich orange color to draw us in, which of course I couldn't pass up a sample of the carrot juice. I can still remember it. It was so sweet and earthy. It was unbelievable!  He also had all kinds of other veggies to sell too. The cabbages and heads of lettuce where gargantuan. I asked him why was the produce so big, lush, and colorful?  He told me it all had to do with the quality of the soil. They farmed near volcanic soil, which is rich in minerals and nutrients, that's why they were able to produce superior quality vegetables.  I told him vegetables like these cost a lot where I come from. He couldn't understand that. In Costa Rica the majority of families didn't really eat out. It was considered a luxury. So buying quality vegetables and fruits was easy to come by and inexpensive. The word organic was a foreign term, at least for that farmer I encountered back then.

Living in Costa Rica really changed my life. Despite the fact that my stress levels almost disappeared because of the slower pace of life, my health really improved because of the more nutrient rich foods I was eating. My stay in Costa Rica was a catalyst to my mission of being a very conscientious consumer when I settled back home. I still suffer from allergies, I don't think that will ever go away, but I have complete control. I feel you have to be an advocate of your health and be choosy in the products you use in your home. I try to do what I reasonably can to avoid bringing products that will aggravate or trigger my allergies. That is why I started this blog. I wanted to find companies that are  making a difference in the environment but also contributing to a natural, healthy lifestyle, without jeopardizing our health. We have so much access to information right at our fingertips, I feel we are no longer left in the dark. I think about my grandparents or great grandparents.  This information wasn't easily available to them. Especially information about the sneaky advertisements that conceal information with language no one can understand just by reading it. Now every artificial additive and chemical component is exposed, thanks to the information highway.  So my job as a blogger is to scour the web and find companies that are providing products that are natural, chemical-free, and eco friendly, and best of all affordable. I will couple that with informative resources and links to make life much more simple. I will review products and share my experiences with you. I will also pass along the savings to you!
                                                                Kindest regards, Sallita.
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