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Just spotted a unique Canary! Can you see it?

In my search for something new and affordable this year I came across this company called Canary. The first thing that caught my eye was the name.  At first, I was like, huh?  I got curious about why they chose that name. So of course the wheels started turning, my brain immediately went to articles I had read in the past about how canaries long ago were used to warn miners about toxic fumes (which thankfully is no longer a practice).  At the same time, I was wondering, why choose this tiny, amazing creature to name your brand?  But now I see why...

Finding this company was a real gem (see the connection, ugh my brain, hehe).  I now see why Canary fits, in my opinion.  Come to find out, Canary is not only a chemical-free, face, body, and oral care brand, but they really strive to maintain a very zero waste approach when it comes to all their packaging.  

All their products come in recyclable packaging, including their glass jars, and subscription boxes. Who doesn't love that! We sure do! at The Healing Sprig. 

On their website, you can also find informative articles and descriptions of all the ingredients they use in their products, which I found to be very transparent.  I also took a look at their mission statement, you can read here below. 

"As parents & earthlings we have decided that it is no longer acceptable to stand by & watch the trash build up around the earth and pile up into the future of our children. Our oceans are full of islands of plastic trash & less than 5% of plastic is actually recycled! It's time to clean up where we clean up.

Canary was born out of a desire to make the purge of plastics fun, accessible & unexpected with conscious personal & home care products that kick ass. We take an unconventional approach to inspire you to think twice about the products you bring home. Let’s have some fun while we purge plastic and level up what’s in our bathroom and home. Because no one said these products need to be boring."

On that note, here are my first impressions when the subscription box arrived. I was really taken by the simple design and look of the box. I really liked it.  

Once opened though, I was really surprised with the inside of the box. There was a big, colorful photo, that really popped! The graphics gave it a great punch of intrigue, I wasn't expecting that.  

The products were well arranged in their tidy sections. I thought it was really clever on how they provided super simple instructions. Everything you needed to know was right there. I also appreciated that the packaging was gender neutral. I showed the products to my husband and he really liked it as well, so much so, he wanted to try some of the products too. So great job on that, Canary

Full disclosure, this was my very first time trying toothpaste tablets and a concentrated mouthwash that I had to mix. So in the subscription box I received a four month supply of  240 peppermint tablets in a glass jar, two 2oz-bottles of concentrated peppermint mouthwash and a 16oz jar to dilute it in.

The Toothpaste Tablets:

The tablets are small and easy to grab out of the jar. All you need is 1 to 2 tabs. So per instructions I popped 2 tablets in my mouth, crushed and chewed them. I did notice a slight grittiness at first, but it soon went away. It was not off putting. I started brushing with a wet brush and noticed there was a very small amount of foaminess. That might not be for everyone. Some need to see the foam built up to feel it's doing the job. I didn't mind the subtlety. Once I finished brushing my teeth, they felt smooth and really clean. I liked that it left a mild minty aftertaste too. I was pleasantly surprised on how effective these 2 little tablets worked. 

The Concentrated Mouthwash:

When it comes to mouthwashes I am really reluctant to use them because my mouth is so sensitive. There were some products I've tried in the past that were be really aggressive in flavor and would leave my mouth burning afterward. I always had to rinse after. This on the other hand, is smooth and not harsh and very mild in taste. The peppermint flavor is subtle. Out of habit, I rinsed my mouth after use, but you really don't have to. There was no burning aftertaste or strong, lingering peppermint flavor, which I liked. The mouthwash was so easy to dilute, simply add water in the bottle and pour the concentrated mouthwash in, and that's it!  Now you can just swish, spit and your done.  

Also, I really liked the simplicity when it came to preparing the mouthwash solution. You basically add water to the bottle making a total of 16oz of mouthwash, so great!  It's also recommended to use only 2 teaspoons of the solution. So a little goes a long way. By the way, don't forget to save your little bottle for traveling!  

The Toothpaste Tablets,
4-month supply (240 tablets)

  • Love, love the glass jar, and refillable options, super convenient
  • Tablets stay and smell fresh in the jar
  • Very simple to use, basically pop 1- 2 tabs, crush, chew, & brush
  • Does leave your teeth super clean and smooth
  • Clean ingredients, No junk!
  • No aggressive flavors, does not burn your mouth (mild taste)
  • Plastic-free, Paraben-free, SLS-free, Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Not messy, easy to use and travel with (TSA friendly)
  • Recyclable packaging, no plastic, no waste
  • Affordable subscription

Cons: (might not be to some) 
  • Not really foamy, very subtle 
  • Can be slightly gritty at first, but goes away once you brush
  • Peppermint flavor is very subtle

The Mouth Wash Concentrate,
4-month supply (2- 2oz bottles)

  • 2oz concentrated mouth wash comes in a glass jar, and refillable options, super convenient
  • Easy to pour & mix into glass jar, just add 14-16oz of water
  • Very simple to use, 2 teaspoons is all you need
  • Clean ingredients, no junk!
  • No aggressive flavors, does not burn your mouth (mild & refreshing taste)
  • Plastic-free, Paraben-free, SLS-free, Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Not messy, easy to use and travel with (TSA friendly)
  • Recyclable packaging, no plastic, no waste
  • Affordable subscription

Cons: (might not be to some)
  • You have to dilute and mix
  • Peppermint flavor is very subtle
  • No lingering strong aftertaste
In Conclusion:

All in all, as you can see, Canary does not disappoint. I love everything they stand for. They are mindful of their business practices, having little to no impact on the environment as their goal. Not only are their products high quality but there is zero waste in their packaging!  I now look forward in opening up my medicine cabinet and seeing my little canary jar. Clean, simple ingredients, with all the convenience, got to love that! Oh did I mention no more cleaning up messy toothpaste residue...that in it self has me singing like a happy canary! 

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