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Attention All Allergy Sufferers Find a $20 @ The Healing Sprig!

This is mine...Get yours today!  Just got the  Nav├Ąge Nasal Care device  because my husband was experiencing really bad allergies. He is a driver and sometimes drives with the windows down. The allergy  season this year has been so bad in our area. When he used it for the first time he couldn't believe the relief he felt. He said it worked immediately and could breathe so much better!  I was waiting for him to finish using it and clear up first because I wanted him to recover from the nasty allergies  he was dealing with.  I finally used it myself, and believe me it was not pretty.    You can totally see on the bottom of the  reservoir what it pulls out, really gross. It's surprisingly gentle and the suction is not overwhelming. I was able to talk while it was doing its thing. I didn't know what to expect at first...but it was super gentle, I mean you can definitely feel the water going in but it came out fast from the other nostril. It only took 30 secs to complete its cyc

It's Here! New Partnership with The Mighty Nest!

  So as you all well know I am always on the hunt to promote companies that are making a difference. I am so excited to be partnering up with the Mighty Nest and highlight their subscription box! So if you are tired of scrolling around trying to find affordable, eco-friendly products, well The Mighty Nest has taken care of all that for you! For a limited time your 1st month sign up is just $5 dollars! I have also included a promo code to get you started as well (free gift...Yay!) Click here:    Try the Mighty Fix for only $5 find promo code here and get a set of Dryer Balls as your first Fix Love their story on how it all started...So happy to be part of promoting this company! They make it so easy by curating eco-friendly products that are also affordable! Here is some quick info: About MightyNest: "It all started when co-founders, Chris and Kristen, had their daughter, Ayla. The reality that their decisions impacted another human being, forced them to take a closer look

"TMI"...Butt Worth It!

So this is a special segment. I normally shy away from sharing too much personal information. But I feel this product is so worth sharing. I am sure many of you out there are familiar with the Squatty Potty . Well I have to say I have succumbed to the fascination of the Squatty Potty , with great satisfaction!  I am so glad I made this purchase. It was totally worth it. I have been using it for a couple of years now and the Squatty Potty is still going strong! Even my husband loves it. At first glance I thought, "Okay this is a little big, is it really going to fit under the toilet?" To my surprise the design of the Squatty Potty is perfect. It slides right under. So it does not get in the way.  It's also super easy to keep clean, which is so important especially if you have boys in the house. I also love their website. It's full of funny puns, and, don't get me started on the videos. Hilarious! They also have a variety of styles of stools (no, not that kind of