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It's that time product for review!  So here goes another "TMI" for the books.  I am here to talk about  The Luxe Bidet .  I came across my first bidet when I traveled through Europe (read about: Why Most Americans Don't Own a Bidet  here). They are quite common there. Most households have them. It's the norm.  It is a very well known fact that using a bidet is more hygienic than using toilet paper. We have been using this product in our household for a while now. I finally convinced my husband to get one and guess what, he loves it!  I can truly say he has a gratifying walk when he leaves the toilet, lol. Not only because he successfully installed it, but he now "feels" the benefits. I know TMI again...I can't believe this actually came full circle (feel free to fill in your puns in this whole post, lol).  But again, I feel this is something that needs to be talked about for several reasons. One: savings, two: hygiene health, and three: e

Cat, ♫♥"Buy Me Love, Love"♪♫

I have always been a big animal lover. I grew up with dogs, birds, turtles, and an iguana. I never had a cat growing up because my dad didn't like them.  Later in time I found out he had a bad experience as a child with a cat. He tried to play with the cat like it was a dog and things didn't go well (the cat attacked him). Ever since I can remember we were not allowed to bring a cat home. I do have to add that I was allergic to them too. When I was single I really didn't have time to take care of a pet because I traveled and worked a lot. I could never subject a little furry creature to neglect, so I chose to put a pause on the pet ownership for the time being. When I got married my husband fortunately was an animal lover like me.  He too grew up with pets, mostly cats.  I knew deep down he missed that.  I mentioned to him that I really wanted a pet for our home.  So we both agreed that it would be totally manageable to have one.  Adopting a pet meant serious business for

Love Nature? Check Out these Cute Jewelry Pieces @ The Healing Sprig!

Sometimes it's hard to get away and get back to nature. I know for my part, life can get pretty busy and hectic. Here at the Healing Sprig, I'm always looking to find products that remind me of the outdoors. Here are a few pieces I found on Amazon that are reasonably priced!

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Maty's Cough Syrups are made with organic immune boosting ingredients to help you recover of all, it's all natural, and drug-free! Maty's Organic Cough Syrups are also made in children's strength.  Tap here to see all of Maty's Medicinal line of products.

Save! Save! Save! I Found the Green "Gold" Nugget!

When thinking about how to write this review, I came across this article called "The California Gold Rush,1849. I found the article so appropriate to what I am about to share with you. Given I have been out of school for a while, this was a nice history refresher course for me.  It reminded me about the skepticism that took place in the year of 1849.  It took one proactive entrepreneur, I guess you can say, named Sam Brannan, a storekeeper in Sutter's Creek to light a fire and announce to the world back then, about the discovery of gold. Of course the whole history of the Gold Rush of California is not painted in a favorable light. But the fact that this man felt the need to share this discovery with everyone really helped me to see how excited he was about it. He went as far as to produce a bottle with gold flecks in it, so as to display the gold to skeptics so they can see for themselves the new found product, so to speak. Obviously the only social media back then was the ne

Ready to Launch?...Start Using A Simple Living Mindset With The Capsule Wardrobe!

There has been a big craze about downsizing the items in your home and finding "joy" in the things you own. I for one feel when you develop a simple living mindset (SLM) it will help you to maintain a simple home. When we create a habit to live simply it starts to become automatic, at least for me. I have now fallen into the routine of analyzing everything I bring into my home. The SLM also helps me to determine what I should keep and what I should get rid of. Someone asked me the other day..."Don't you regret when you let go of something? "What if you need it later on"?  My simple response, (which has always worked for me) "If I haven't used it in 6 months I either recycle, repurpose, revive, or just get rid of it.  I feel (as I am sure others might feel the same) the reason it's difficult to get rid of things is because of two main reasons. One, sentimental attachment (which I have to confess I have a struggle with) and two, the "I work

Selected For You...Stylish And Affordable Essential Oil Pendants

The Healing Sprig is always looking for affordable products, especially items that make it easier to live a chemical-free life. Check out this wonderful collection of essential oil diffuser pendants I put together for you here at The Healing Sprig!  Now you can wear your essential oils in a stylish way at an affordable price!

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Start the Remineralization Process Today! Find Review Here:  Say Cheese For Uncle Harry! Choose Uncle Harry's Natural Products. It's a great product at an affordable price! Find regular to remineralizing products here for your teeth.