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Save! Save! Save! I Found the Green "Gold" Nugget!

When thinking about how to write this review, I came across this article called "The California Gold Rush,1849. I found the article so appropriate to what I am about to share with you. Given I have been out of school for a while, this was a nice history refresher course for me.  It reminded me about the skepticism that took place in the year of 1849.  It took one proactive entrepreneur, I guess you can say, named Sam Brannan, a storekeeper in Sutter's Creek to light a fire and announce to the world back then, about the discovery of gold. Of course the whole history of the Gold Rush of California is not painted in a favorable light. But the fact that this man felt the need to share this discovery with everyone really helped me to see how excited he was about it. He went as far as to produce a bottle with gold flecks in it, so as to display the gold to skeptics so they can see for themselves the new found product, so to speak. Obviously the only social media back then was the newspaper. Mr. Brannan didn't think people were getting the message quickly enough (I guess) so he went around shouting in San Francisco, "Gold! Gold! Gold! from the American River!" Doing so, it catapulted a great rush ("Gold Rush") of people to head towards those rivers of gold. As a result, many people left their livelihood in pursuit of this new found discovery. Mind you, there were a lot of casualties along the way, but that's a different story.

Well I can totally relate to Mr. Sam Brannan! I have recently discovered a product that I would like to share with all of you (I'm sure some already know). In any case, I am so excited about it that I too am going around shouting (in my head) "Save! Save! Save! with SmartKlean!" Honestly, I was one of those skeptics at first. That's why it took a month to put this review together and put this product to the test.  I wanted to see for myself if this really was a product that would deliver, not only in its function, but also in affordability. I tested this product out for an entire month. I have to say it was worth it! It is mind boggling that this little round green ball stuffed with minerals can clean your clothes without any detergents or toxic chemicals. Yes, you heard me, NO DETERGENT needed. I know, right! I am assuming the concept goes back to those olden days when people would wash their clothes in the river and slap it around on the rocks. There is a science behind the reaction of the water which I will leave to the experts to explain.
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But as a person who does all the laundry (for years!) in the home, I think I fall into some level of expertise in regards to the smell test (lol) and making sure my clothes come out clean. My training came from my mother who worked in a dry cleaners for most of her teenage life. She taught us how to wash our clothes, and of course, to her, clean meant that the clothes had to have a heavy smell of detergent coupled with a softener scent to determine if it was clean or not. That's what clean always meant to me.... So that's why I was a little leary at first with this product. The fact that no detergent was involved made me cringe.

In the Wash

The one month challenge, here we go! I gave it a try and I couldn't believe it. My clothes came out smelling fresh (no scent, but clean) and soft. Mind you I made sure I threw in some stinky shirts and some damp towels to put this product to the test (I know TMI). But it worked! They do suggest if your clothes are exceptionally ripe or mildewy, so to speak, you can add a little washing soda, or baking soda to boost the laundry. But that's a relatively small price to pay compared to the detergent prices today.

My SmartKlean!

SmartKlean not only has the ability to clean your clothes chemical free, but it also softens it without adding any dryer sheets or softener. I really can't explain how it softens the clothes, but it does! Best of all, when it came time to go grocery shopping, I didn't have to stock up on laundry soap. My husband and I were so excited about that! When we passed through the detergent aisle we started to joyously laugh because we no longer had to purchase any of those products. We were so excited about our new found savings that month!

I know this might not be for everyone...but I am telling you this product works! SmartKlean's reputation is outstanding. It won the parent tested, parent approved award. It's also recommended for people who have disabilities or ones who suffer from skin irritations (like me) because it's chemical free! When you consider the savings on top of all of that, it will make you think twice about how you do your laundry. Notice the chart below, crazy right?

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How It Works
I am no longer a skeptic about this product. It has opened my mind and added savings to my wallet! I have found a new way of doing my laundry. I'm so glad I found this product! I feel I no longer have to submit to harmful detergents and their toxicities. I have found a new discovery that not only is good for the environment but also for my health. Taking a note from Mr. Brannan, I can truly shout out Save! Save! Save! with SmartKlean!

All done..Love my SmartKlean!

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Reference Article:
The California Gold Rush, 1849" EyeWitness to History, www.eyewitnesstohistory.com (2003).

Rollie 15 years old!

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