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Ready to Launch?...Start Using A Simple Living Mindset With The Capsule Wardrobe!

There has been a big craze about downsizing the items in your home and finding "joy" in the things you own. I for one feel when you develop a simple living mindset (SLM) it will help you to maintain a simple home. When we create a habit to live simply it starts to become automatic, at least for me. I have now fallen into the routine of analyzing everything I bring into my home. The SLM also helps me to determine what I should keep and what I should get rid of. Someone asked me the other day..."Don't you regret when you let go of something? "What if you need it later on"?  My simple response, (which has always worked for me) "If I haven't used it in 6 months I either recycle, repurpose, revive, or just get rid of it.  I feel (as I am sure others might feel the same) the reason it's difficult to get rid of things is because of two main reasons. One, sentimental attachment (which I have to confess I have a struggle with) and two, the "I work so hard for the things that I have"...guilt. I actually fall into both categories, seriously. Now I am no expert but I have to say this six month system of thinking and application has given me good results in trying to maintain a simple life. 

Now this SLM all started when I lived in Costa Rica. I didn't have much time to go and shop. Some of the malls were way too far.  I was also on a limited budget. So what I had, I made it work. So you can say I have been implementing this SLM (in my own way) for more than 20 years now. Wow thats crazy! I have continued with this process all throughout my adult life and I can honestly say it has always worked for me. Even now that I can afford to shop, I shop first in my closet. I think continuing with this SLM has given me more freedom in using my money for other things. Things that matter, like having time to enjoy the things I like to do, and also spending time with my loved ones.

So here is my simple strategy when simplifying my home and life. First, I make a mental assessment on the items I own.  I go through each room and look around. You can take a picture of the room if you have to (pictures make things look different, very helpful). You'll be surprised how a simple picture can help determine if this is the best way you want to be living.  Second, just like in real estate, the old adage, "location, location, location" could be applied this way; purge, purge, purge. Purging allows you to see the real (e)state (forgive the pun) of your home.  What do I mean by this? Well you can ask yourself: Am I living my best life? Or am I allowing "things" to get in the way and crowd out important things that really matter? Clutter can be suffocating and paralyzing to some, at least for me it is. It's an unbelievable feeling when you free yourself from it!

Now when it comes to my closet  I have always enjoyed the "capsule method". Check out this link here: How to Reboot Your Closet in 2019 @ Classy Yet Trendy  This method allows you to work with what you have, especially if you are on a budget. Not all of us can afford to get rid of everything and be down to the bare bones. You'll be surprised what a little creativity can save you!  Here is a five steps guide for beginners click the link below to get you started:
How To Start A Capsule Wardrobe: 5 Step Visual Guide @ Classy Yet Trendy

When you apply this method you tend to use all the items in your closet. So most likely you do wear everything within that 6 month time frame. I found the things that I usually get rid of are things that have actually been really worn out. Which to me is awesome because I feel I am not spending more money on new clothes when I can up-cycle and revive my old ones (you know, the "shopping in your closet" idea). If you think about it, it's pretty much the same thinking pattern the boutiques and clothing stores use. They create different styles with basically the same articles of neutral clothing and pair them up with different patterns to put on display. They might use the same black skirt or pant and swap out a different top or sweater to create all kinds of different looks. Hence the "capsule method".

The "capsule method" helps you to streamline your closet by keeping a few key neutral garments that are versatile and can work with other patterns. I have been able to produce at least 10 to 15 new styles just by switching out a few items here and there. If you are really creative, I have seen postings that create up to 30-50 looks! Check out this link here:
The 10 Item Wardrobe (Makes 48 Outfits) TW# 132 @ Classy Yet Trendy  All it took was switching out a few key pieces. Talk about savings!  I also include shoes in the purge and capsule methods.  I always try to carefully examine the wear and tear of my articles of clothing. If they have a snag or are torn, you'll be surprised what a little mending can save you.  Obviously if it's stained or non repairable I try to re-purpose or recycle it before I throw it out. If all else fails, throw a clothes swapping party woohoo...those are fun too! How to Host a Clothing Swap @ The Chalkboard

I do on occasion go through my closet and find articles of clothing that I may have missed, haven't worn in a long time, or they simply don't fit anymore (bummer) and just donate them. I donate here Shop, Reuse, Reimagine @ Savers  If they are in good condition or gently used you'll be surprised how it can help others when you do this small act of kindness.

So remember, don't be afraid to "launch" out of your comfort zone and start the "capsule method" today and find your freedom! 

Thanks again for joining me here at The Healing Sprig!

Rollie 15 years old!

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