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It's that time product for review! 
So here goes another "TMI" for the books. 
I am here to talk about The Luxe Bidet. I came across my first bidet when I traveled through Europe (read about:Why Most Americans Don't Own a Bidet here). They are quite common there. Most households have them. It's the norm.  It is a very well known fact that using a bidet is more hygienic than using toilet paper. We have been using this product in our household for a while now. I finally convinced my husband to get one and guess what, he loves it!  I can truly say he has a gratifying walk when he leaves the toilet, lol. Not only because he successfully installed it, but he now "feels" the benefits. I know TMI again...I can't believe this actually came full circle (feel free to fill in your puns in this whole post, lol).  But again, I feel this is something that needs to be talked about for several reasons. One: savings, two: hygiene health, and three: eco-friendly.

Fits Perfect!

First, savings (we'll move on to more solid and convincing evidence in a bit). Though we still use toilet paper to dry off, we truly have seen a significant reduction in use. Additionally, before the bidet, we were buying those tushy wipes that give you that "extra clean" feel (read labels, some contain chemicals and if you have issues, it might make it worse!) and that started to add up. I honestly did feel we were flushing money down the toilet by then. But the real convincing evidence was when we started to have septic issues (we live in a really old house, built in 1914). Read how these "so called" septic safe wipes can affect your plumbing here: Wet Wipes: Biggest Stealth Health Threat of 2015 I used this opportunity to convince my husband that we really needed to install the bidet. Not only would we save money, but it would prevent future clogging problems. That was also reaffirmed when the plumber told us that even though those wipes are "septic safe"...they still take a while to disintegrate, which can cause backup in the meantime, especially if you have old pipes. So there you go from the mouth of a professional, I used that advice as leverage to get the bidet installed sooner rather than later.  So not only was it economical, but we were also contributing to less waste (meaning paper lol). Go here: Using Bidet Seats to Save Money and the Environment  

Finished Installation...Yay!

Now in regards to hygiene health, I can personally attest that you do feel much cleaner and fresher when you use this product. There are many added benefits for the ladies out there.  Read here: Should We Be Using Bidets In The U.S. Instead Of Toilet Paper?  All in all the bidet really does work in keeping your nether regions extra clean without irritation and it really does cut down on toilet paper usage, especially if you live in a large household. Best of all, you are also saving trees, that is always a perk. I attached this link so you can read about how it benefits the environment here: Wipe or Wash? Do Bidets Save Forest and Water Resources?

We purchased our Luxe Bidet Neo320 through Amazon and the price was really reasonable. You can purchase here: Luxe Bidet Neo320. The Luxe Bidet Neo320 is super easy to install. We got a little fancy, we wanted the hot and cold features (you know for the winter months lol), but you can choose what works for you. It also comes with a self cleaning feature too, which was very important for my peace of mind. I have to say the product is pretty sturdy and does not obstruct in anyway the toilet seat. It is very well designed.  It's a simple solution to upgrading your toilet, no need for renovations. It is easy to remove and reinstall, ideal for people who rent and want to upgrade too. By far, we are very happy with our purchase. You will also notice this brand has received great overall reviews on Amazon. Here is another option, Luxe Bidet Neo 120. 

Luxe Bidet Neo 320 Box

If you are gun shy in trying something new, I hope this review and links will help ease the idea of convincing you that owning a bidet can truly benefit the environment and also enhance your daily bathroom routine. Just making this small adjustment can really save you in the end. So in conclusion, I too, with a gratifying walk, say, "Bidet...mate, for your down under"!

Find them here @ Amazon! 🠋🠋🠋

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