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Your Wine is my "Wand"erland

This story takes place at the L.A. Farmers Market when I was on a day trip with my folks. I happened to wander into this little French shop that has all sorts of wines on display. Little did I know this would indeed change my life in regards to drinking wine. I needed to find a wine that was low in sugar for my folks and a sulfite-free wine for myself (which is a needle in a haystack). I love drinking wine, but now that I'm getting older the side effects really don't outweigh the benefits for me. I am super sensitive to histamines and sulfites. I hate how I feel the next day when I drink a glass or two. The stuffy nose and headaches are a drag. While in the store I started chatting with one of the clerks about what I was looking for. He said "I'm sorry, we don't carry any low sugar or sulfite-free wines".  I was not surprised considering 99% of all the wine shops that I've come across don't stock that. Didn't hurt to ask, right? The only sulfite-