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Hunters and Gatherers...

So I went on a hunt this past month...(and no, it was not that type of hunt).

I was on a mission to find a unique candle company that would deliver not only in quality but affordability.  While perusing online to my surprise, I discovered a candle company named Forage Candle Co. What struck me about this company was not only the candles they sell but also the bio and mission statement. First, who would of thought about a candle made out of lotion, and pouring it all into a whiskey glass, right? Brilliant! It's not just an ordinary cheap whiskey glass either, it's a reusable heavy whiskey tumbler, according to their website. My husband would love that! Second, the Forage Luxury Lotion Candles are made with plant based, organic, skin nourishing oils instead of wax. I thought to myself, "How does that work?"  According to their site the lotion that makes up the luxury candle is chock-full of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. They provide instructions on their site on how to apply the lotion part. The Forage Lotion Candle, burns cooler, cleaner, and 3x's longer than traditional candles because of the lotion.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about a little luxury from time to time, but first comes quality and affordability. When I looked at the price of the luxury candles (they also have the soy candles, a little less expensive) I thought, "Well this is definitely a splurge item for me." Then I thought about it and broke it down. You are actually getting a 2 in 1 high quality product. A candle made out of lotion that you can apply AND a reusable whiskey glass (and you know those always come in handy).

I love me a good lasting candle. Sometimes I take a break from the essential oils and light up a candle. It just adds a cozy ambiance to my home. I've been burning candles most of my adult life and I have learned that there are some that can be super toxic and harmful to the environment and your health. In fact, I have been guilty in the past of buying candles because they just happen to be on sale without really reading the labels. I've come to realize that even the smallest things, like candles, can impact your health. I now read everything on the jars.

In regards to the Forage Candle Co., I said to myself, "Let's try them out!" So I purchased some samples from them recently. The samples should be coming in this week, yay! I like the fact that you can get 4 samples of your choice with free shipping all for $12 dollars. This eliminates the challenge of not being able to smell the candles before hand, since you are buying them online. That was my first worry, because I am super picky on choosing candles, and 99% of the time I buy them in store. My other worry was returning the candle if I didn't like it. I hate going through that hassle, nobody has time for that, right? Once you decide to purchase, they will apply the $12 dollars you spent on the samples towards a future purchase of a large candle. I thought, "Ok, I can go with that." So now you can gather your samples and choose which ones you like and not have to worry about returning items you don't. That was a win win for me!

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