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You Say Toh-mah-toh and I Say TomatoInk!

So you must be thinking...TomatoInk? (I thought the name was funny too)
What is TomatoInk? They are a printer ink cartridge and a toner company.  Fun fact, they are  committed to reducing their carbon footprint by recycling and partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects and OneTreePlanted. So for every order they place they plant 10 trees!

When I found TomatoInk, at first I was a little apprehensive. I've tried refurbished inks in the past from local and online stores and they were quite disappointing. I was also honestly tired of paying outrageous prices for ink and I wanted to give my wallet a break. So I started searching in the hopes that there was something out there that delivered in quality but also in price.

When I came across TomatoInk it really seemed promising. Their prices were really reasonable. I was also drawn to them because of their efforts to contribute to a more sustainable world by the way they do business. You can read about their partnerships on their website here: The TomatoInk Way of Doing Business  They also offer free shipping on orders over $50 and $3.99 on regular shipping, which is pretty good. So I decided to take the plunge because I really was totally out of ink and I really didn't want to go to the store and get it. With eyes closed, I hit the buy button and purchased. So the wait began.

Now I do have to mention, I ordered this during a busy season, so it took a little longer than I expected, but it wasn't bad. This actually allowed me to test out their customer service department (I am huge stickler when it comes to that) to get the status on my order. So I emailed them first, they reached out with a follow up email immediately. They answered all my questions and they also apologized for the delay. I was really impressed. I also instant messaged them the following day too, (annoying I know, but I was really curious) I wanted to see if the experience was the same on their "chat," and it was! They were very nice, polite and apologetic. They even tracked the package and gave me approximate delivery. So I have to say I'm giving their customer service two thumbs up!

Packaged Delivered!

Now if you still own a printer, I am sure you can understand how important it is to get good quality ink. I'm sure you dread seeing those words "low ink" like I do. It always seems to happen when you have something pressing to do. I often wondered if the manufacturing of printers now a days has a lot to do with how long the inks last. I mean seriously, those cartridges are so tiny! Believe me, with the amount they charge for replacements, I can think of a million things I can do with that money instead of using it on my printer!

So here it is! Everything I ordered came in. The packages looked like an off brand, which I didn't recognize. It did surprise me that their logo was not on the packaging. I guess, to keep the cost down, they probably contract out with generic companies ("oh no!", so I thought).  I went ahead and opened the packages. The cartridges looked good. They were nicely sealed. The package also came with instructions, very easy to follow.  I placed the cartridges in the printer and followed the prompts and waited to see the final results...Woohoo, we are in business!

I was very, very happy with the results. The ink didn't smear and it was pretty consistent. There was no break of marks in the print either. I will be definitely ordering my cartridges from TomatoInkThey have restored my confidence in refurbished printer ink. 

One other thing I wanted to mention is that I noticed on their site that they regularly have some sort of deal going on, which is awesome! Because of this I now can use that extra savings for other worthwhile things. I encourage you to check them out!
Like TomatoInk says, "You can feel good knowing that each page you print is a little greener because you contributed to replenishing its source".

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