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Life's Essentials

"Life's Essentials," must have a really good strong cup of coffee.

One thing I know for sure is that I am not allergic to coffee. I am so grateful for that!  I have been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember.  Coming from a religiously coffee drinking family, it was essential to start and end the day with a good cup of coffee, anything short of that would have been sacrilegious for sure!  I have my father to thank for that. He helped me to appreciate what good coffee should be.

While writing this I started to recall stories my dad shared with us when he was a young man working in the coffee plantations. He was born in Santo Domingo, Costa Rica, so yes, coffee was, and still is, an important staple in our family.  Several years back, when we were young, he planned a trip to Costa Rica to visit family. During our time there, my dad gave us a tour of his childhood home and the coffee fields he worked in. He warmly, and with much pride, explained to us the process of harvesting good coffee back in his day.  He also showed us with a basket tied around his waist how and when to pick the coffee berries.

That is one of many great experiences I cherish with my dad until this day. After that teaching moment, I remembered we set out to my aunt's house for an afternoon coffee break. The whole country seems to be in sync with this tradition, even to this day.  It is customary to have a mid afternoon break with a cup or two of coffee and some leftover morning bread with cheese or sour cream as a snack.

When my aunt poured me a small cup of coffee, it was the best thing I had ever tasted (mind you, at this point I had only drank instant coffee from my grandmother on my mom side of the family, not big coffee drinkers). That's where my love affair for really good coffee began.

Early morning pics lol
Though, Costa Rican coffee will always be my favorite, not only in taste but for sentimental reasons, I have been open to trying other blends and brands. Of course during the years I've also tried espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes, etc. Those are all good and fun, but for my everyday regular cup of coffee, we go for Peet's.  Peet's Coffee has been a favorite, for a while now, in my household. It really has impressed me and it ranks pretty high on my list. They also harvest in a sustainable way. Learn More Here They have such a wide variety to choose from (their French Roast is great!) The best part I've noticed about Peet's Coffee is that there is no bitter aftertaste, which makes it more enjoyable for me.  My husband loves it so much that he has now become the coffee steward when it comes to preparing it.

Every morning, I wake up to the greatest smell in the world...freshly brewed coffee made by my sweet husband. His meticulous routine of brewing cracks me up. He has it down to a science. But really,  Peet's Coffee  does have a superior quality in taste, especially when it's prepared right.  We prefer using whole bean instead of already ground. I feel it adds a slight  richer, and fresher flavor to the brewing process when we add this extra step. After my hubby freshly grinds the beans he also only  uses purified water to brew. This is important because you want to make sure you get the best flavor out of every bean!

We use, on occasion, a french press, but mainly our Ninja Coffee Bar System, which we love! (it's been an awesome machine for the price. It has really worked well for us. I'll post a link below if interested in purchasing).

The key, too, is always do a maintenance cleaning on any coffee machine you use. My husband does a descaling with a vinegar mixture for at least an hour or so to clean out the residue or any build up. It really does make a difference. I can totally tell when the coffee is off and the machine needs to be cleaned and so can he.

too early...
Our favorite everyday morning coffee blend from Peet's is Major Dickason's It's a mild, rich, full flavored coffee. It's also great for an afternoon pick me up. We love Peet's Coffee! Try it today! Let me know what you think.

You can check out all the varieties here in the links below.

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