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The Healing Sprig

Is there room for one more? I have accepted the challenge that I set upon myself to take a leap in the blogging world. I decided to finally dust the entrepreneurial mind and go for it! There are many things at this point in my life that I can endlessly talk, food, & my lovable pets. But I choose to stick to one thing that I am most passionate about and that's everything related to natural, chemical free and eco-friendly products. As a long time allergy sufferer, I wanted to create a website that would inspire people to start living a chemical free and eco-friendly lifestyle, but in an affordable way. This started to become challenging, not only in affordability, but also in finding products that did not sacrifice quality just to make a buck. I feel living a chemical free life should be affordable to all.  I wanted to take responsibility for myself and start this journey, by researching companies and their products that are really trying to make a differenc