The Healing Sprig is a one stop destination where you can find honest reviews, savings, and informative resources on companies and their products that are making a difference, not only in our health, but on the environment as well. On occasion, you will find deals, discounts, and promo codes on my website. Hopefully this will inspire you to start a natural, chemical free, and eco-friendly journey with products that are affordable and you can trust! Thank you for joining me here at The Healing Sprig!

The Healing Sprig

Is there room for one more? I have accepted the challenge that I set upon myself to take a leap in the blogging world. I decided to finally dust the entrepreneurial mind and go for it! There are many things at this point in my life that I can endlessly talk about...travel, food, & my lovable pets. But I choose to stick to one thing that I am most passionate about (aside from my husband of course!) and that's everything related to natural, chemical free and Eco-friendly products.

As a long time allergy suffer, I wanted to create a website that would inspire people to start living a chemical free and Eco-Friendly lifestyle at affordable prices. At some point in my life that started to become challenging, not only in affordability, but also in finding products that did not sacrifice quality just to make a buck. I feel living a chemical free life should be affordable to all.  I wanted to take responsibility for myself and start this journey, by researching companies and their products that are really trying to make a difference, not only in contributing to good health but also the environment.

There are many wonderful companies and websites out there that are really looking out for humankind and the planet. I wanted to be one more! I want to promote products I believe in that you can trust and pass the savings to you.

Really, I'm embarking on this journey with the hope of improving my health and my home. I have challenged myself to scour the web to find and and provide honest reviews on companies and their products that are natural, chemical-free, Eco-friendly, and best of all affordable. I will be sharing my experiences and savings with all of you out there! I hope that The Healing Sprig will inspire you to join me on this chemical free and Eco-friendly journey too!

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The Healing Sprig's Fur Babies!
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