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Break Me Off a Sprig...

If you were wondering where The Healing Sprig got it's name, well this is an homage to my Abuelita Carlota (Grammy Carlota). She is the inspiration for the name. She is no longer with us, but her memory lives on in my life. She was the heart of the home, in so many ways. I started to recall wonderful times with her when I chose the name, especially when she would cook or take care of our infirmities. I always remember her little jar of botanical herbs. The cure all for anything, from the sniffles to joint pain. Her "herbal remedy cured it all," she would say. After all these years, I can still recall the strong, weird, earthy, herby, alcohol smell that triggers my memories of her trying to pin us down and rubbing our arms with it (belly laugh).

When she would cook she would always have a small herbal garden and ask one of her many grandchildren, "can you break me off "un codito" or "una ramita" (a small sprig of this or that).  She is my inspiration of resourcefulness, endurance, courage, love and a crazy sense of humor.

 Despite the many challenges she faced, she managed to raise 12 kids as a single mother. I miss her so much. She left behind so many wonderful memories. When I reflect on those memories it motivates me to continue to challenge myself and  work hard for the things that I love. Because of her, I have grown to love and use products that are natural. Products that make little to no impact on the environment or cause harm to my health. I strive to implement that thought process in my everyday life. You can say that my grandmother was my first "influencer" in that department. I hope this will encourage you to recall memories of ones that have influenced your life in a wonderful way.