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Scents and Credibility

I'm off to a little late start today.  I have been organizing my thoughts, life, and office, not in that particular order. Though a little challenging at times, so far so good I have to say. I've been really excited to share my experience with the essential oils I received this week. I started promoting a company that truly has impressed me in regards to the high quality of oils they produce, for a fraction of the cost. Their essential oil scents are amazing! When I received my shipment I can smell them right away and they were still in the package! My cat Rollie was going nuts (yes, cats are super sensitive to them). Don't worry about Rollie, he bolted out of the room as soon as I opened the box. Cheddar, my other cat never came around. She lives in the living room, on her "queen bed" (just to assure all the Fur Parents out there, I am really careful in using the oils around them). Got to protect the furbabies!
Now,  I have tried many essential oils in the past but because of the high cost, it made it difficult to continue to buy them on a regular basis. I'm sure there are many out there that feel the same way.
We all know the saying "you get what you pay for." I honestly believed that until I came across Simply Earth Essential Oils I was skeptical at first, and I thought, "this can't be real." I was blown away on how honest, affordable, and generous Simply Earth Essential Oils is with their products. They are priced at a fraction of the cost from big brands without sacrificing the high quality in their oils. So of course, I wanted to try it first before promoting them on my social media accounts. If you follow me on Instagram here: The Healing Sprig I'm sure you've noticed I've gone a little crazy on telling everyone about them. I'm so excited to promote Simply Earth Essential Oils! They are a company worth checking out! I have attached a link below to pass along the savings to you!

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