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Why Yes, Pour Me Another...

Sherlock - Luxury Candles
Sherlock Lotion Candle
My samples came in from Forage Candle Co. and I am so excited to share!

Forage Candle Co. made a really nice impression with the packaging considering it was only samples. As I opened the package, the samples were nicely wrapped in black tissue paper with a tiny card on top with Forage's One Tree Planted statement (sorry, I bent the little card while looking at it, oops). They are on a mission to plant 100,000 trees, so when you purchase any full sized Forage product, you plant a tree! That's awesome, I love it!

Some of my sample favorites were Sherlock and Pride and Prejudice, which is funny, because they are two very distinctive smells. The Sherlock luxury lotion sample has a masculine scent, but it's not overpowering, it's pretty subtle. You can definitely smell pipe tobacco mixed with old leather and a tinge of spice.  Maybe this IS how Sherlock smelled when he was off solving mysteries in the streets of London. To my surprise, I really, really liked it. I tend to stay away from "musky" cologne smells but this one was intriguing, if I say so myself. It definitely was not overwhelming.  It wasn't my first choice to sample but I wanted something my husband would enjoy as well.  He really liked it, so much so that I'm ordering the Sherlock candle for his office. The other two candle samples were Wuthering Heights and Old Books. The Wuthering Heights sample had a petrichor (my new word of the day), meadowy scent, with a subtle lemon twist to it, which I was really fond of. Old Books was interesting. It was a little overpowering for me. It does remind you of an old, dusty library. In my opinion, it is a little heavy on the leather notes coupled with the pine. I'm not favoring those two together. On the plus side it does include cedar, which is nice, but the overall candle sample itself really wasn't to my liking.  The Pride and Prejudice sample was my favorite. It smells clean and fresh. You can fully smell the touch of cream, lilac, lily of the valley, and rose notes. I love that Forage carries their candles with literary themes (I'm a big fan of Jane Austen).

 In my previous blog ("Hunters and Gatherers") I mentioned that the Forage Luxury Candles are made with a dual purpose. I was surprised to see that even the samples burned for quite a while. The Forage candle samples really delivered in the the quality of the lotion as well. I followed the instructions on their website on how to apply it, and, surprisingly, it was not hot to the touch and was creamy to apply. I was impressed on how luxurious it felt on my skin.  I'm very prone to dry skin and I couldn't believe how quickly it absorbed into my hands. The smell of the lotion also lingered for a while, which was really nice.

So, remember when you purchase samples from Forage they will send you a promo code (which they include in your samples) so you can apply the credit at check out towards a purchase of a larger candle, yay! Overall, Forage is a spectacular company! I was very impressed with their high quality product that doesn't harm your health or the environment. They pour their luxury candles in a high quality reusable whiskey tumbler, as well! So yes, Forage, I will definitely have another...another purchase that is!

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Pride and Prejudice Lotion Candle

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