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Wipe On, Wipe Off, With MojaWorks!

Microfiber kitchen cloths

So there has been a lot of chatter about a particular company that sells microfiber towels that clean without using chemicals. This company is very big on in-home demos where they pitch and directly sell their products to you. Usually it's a person who is a distributor of the company and is starting their own business. Honestly, I can't knock their mission of a chemical free way of cleaning, that is always favorable in my book. But I wondered, was this the only way to find a good, quality microfiber towel? Oh, I really hope not.

Usually these products come at a higher cost because of the  middle man mark-ups, which can be super frustrating if you're on a budget and want to stay living an eco/chemical free lifestyle. I am not gonna lie, but, living an eco/chemical free lifestyle is not always easy on the wallet, which is unfortunate.  Some might say, "well, you get what you pay for" or they might think "if it's expensive it must be a good quality product...," but that might not always be true.  I'll tell you, during my journey of trying to live an eco/chemical free life, I have found great, affordable products along the way, so there is hope.

One thing that has helped me is to be diligent in comparison shopping. This has always been crucial for me. That's the only way I can afford to stay on a healthy and allergy free course. So you can say I put that frustration into good use, it propelled me to find good products at affordable prices. So rest assured, I will continue to try to find products that work without breaking the budget.

So on that note, I have some exciting news! This month I set out again to find a company that would deliver in quality (just like the other brands out there) but with affordable prices. One key thing I was looking for was the no "middle man" structure.  When companies omit this structure it usually makes the product more affordable, ("so cut it out!" I say, lol)  So here are the fruits of my labor so to speak. I found a company worth reviewing and sharing with you. It's called Mojaworks.  According to their description from the manufacturer, "the MojaFiber™ towels are an ultra-high end microfiber that is designed for maximum cleaning capability. Instead of the standard noxious, and potentially dangerous chemicals under your sink and in your cabinets, you can now clean your home and your body with just water and MojaFiber™ products. And unlike impure cotton cloths that collect bacteria, MojaFiber™ products include our patented “silver lining” to fortify for long-lasting use and freshness." Very similar to other brands, right? But wait until you check out the prices! I'll attach a link below.
Now in regards to the review of this product, I was really impressed on how well it cleaned. I have a coffee table that I had to test it out on first. I normally wipe the coffee table with vinegar and a cloth. My husband hates the smell of it, but he endures. 
When I received my microfiber towels, I used one of the green MojaFiber Kitchen Cloths to wipe down the coffee table.  All I had to do according to the instructions is simply wet it with water and wipe. Guess what, it worked great!  I also got the Blue Heavy Duty cloth for scrubbing and wiping. You can get the combo pack here: MojaFiber Heavy Duty / Multi-Purpose Combo Pack (1 HD Cloth / 2 Multi-Purpose)↓

Heavy duty microfiber cloths

MojaFiber Heavy Duty / Multi-Purpose Combo Pack (1 HD Cloth / 2 Multi-Purpose) $19.99

ooo la la...clean

My kitchen countertops are granite so I have to be very careful not to use abrasive or acidic cleaners on them. The green MojaFiber works fantastic! If you are interested in just those towels click here: 
Kitchen Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloth (3 Pack)- World’s Best Chemical Free General Purpose Cleaning Cloth↓
MojaFiberâ„¢ Universal (3 Pack)
MojaFiber™ Universal (3 Pack)$18.99

If you are tired of cleaning with harsh chemicals and want to make a switch, try them out today. The products speak for themselves. Not only are they durable and machine washable, but think about the savings in the long run. Mojaworks does not disappoint! So remember (my 80's movie homage, lol) to Wipe On, Wipe Off, with Mojaworks! Now you can clean with confidence by avoiding harsh chemicals with an affordable product which will help you stay on that course of a chemical free life! 

Check out other products with great prices. Test them out for yourself, go to: Try MojaFiber Towels Today!  And as a bonus for my Healing Sprig readers: Use promo code: SPRIG20  Get 20% off  @ check out on your first purchase! 

Mojaworks FAQ:

How is it different than regular microfiber?

MojaFiber™ cloths are the highest quality microfiber cloths on the planet. MojaFiber™ technology employs finer fibers, in a denser, tighter weave than other microfiber cloths that dramatically increase their cleaning power. They will collect 99% of all bacteria, germs, mold and protein on a surface. Our unique “silver lining” is woven into the cloth, infusing MojaFiber™ with the power of silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fortify your MojaFiber™ cloths for long-lasting use and freshness.

What is the science behind the cloths?

MojaFiber™ cloths are the world’s most advanced cleaning cloths and are created using polyester and polyamide fibers that are 1/200th the thickness of a human hair and 1,000 times finer than cotton fibers. These fibers are woven together into an ultra-dense fabric that creates absorption and collecting power greater than any other cloth-like material.

What happens to the germs in the cloth?

Thorough rinsing with warm water discharges nearly 100% of all substances collected by the cloths.
Because of their unique design, the cloths also dry out extremely fast which reduces the ability of
bacteria and mold to grow. Our patent pending “silver lining” is woven into the cloth, infusing
MojaFiber™ with the power of silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and viruses and fortify your MojaFiber™ cloths for long-lasting use and freshness.

How long will the cloths work?

With proper care and depending on your usage, your MojaFiber™ cloths will provide powerful cleaning for at least 500 washes.

Have you tested the cloths independently or how do you know they are really cleaning a surface?

MojaFiber™ cloths have been independently tested and verified to collect 99% of all germs, bacteria,
viruses and mold on typical household surfaces.

*Mojaworks Video


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